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Street signs in Toronto - for sale?

Naomi Hiller, a student in my signs course this last semester, just wrote to tell me about an interesting story in Toronto. The city is considering selling off its old street signs.

Reminds me of an earlier story I blogged about in 2009.

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Montreal by Night

A reminder of the amount of spectacular signage we’ve lost in the past sixty or so years: the NFB’s Montreal By Night was released in 1947, and directed by Arthur Burrows & Jean Palardy. More info here Thanks to Johanna Pedersen for the find.

Montreal by Night by Arthur Burrows & by Jean Palardy, National Film Board of Canada

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New book on ghost signs in Montreal

I’m delighted to note that Sur les murs d’un Montréal qui s’efface by Réjane Bougé has just been published. Can’t wait to order a copy. In the interim, here’s a recent article about the book.

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Dave Arnold: Montreal's "Mr. Sign"

Short profile of signpainter Dave Arnold in the Montreal Gazette .

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Signs in the news

Sorry for not posting* for a while.

Over at BlogTO, an article on Vintage signage in Toronto, with lots of glorious photos.

Various bloggers and news sites reported recently that the retro neon Yahoo billboard/sign in San Francisco is being removed.

The Museum of Vancouver recently launched its exhibition Neon Vancouver | Ugly Vancouver. Here’s a blog entry on the MOV site about a local neon tube bender

And, finally, via Kristian Gravenor reports on an amazing cache of old photos from around Montréal by local resident (and German emigré) Alfred Bohns. Many of these shots include glimpses of signage around the city during the late 1950s.

*Hi Cory!

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Delighted to announce I’ve just secured the Québec premiere of this amazing-looking new film. Details below.

‘The Visual Language of Herbert Matter’
A new documentary film by Reto Caduff

October 23rd 2010 at 7.30pm
Concordia University (Hall Building H-110)
1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montreal

A fascinating new documentary film on the life and work of Herbert Matter, the hugely influential mid-century artist, designer and photographer. The director, Reto Caduff, will be present for a Q&A after the screening.

Free and open to the public. More info here.

Sponsors: Concordia Signs Project; Dr Carole Brabant, Office of the
Vice President of Research & Graduate Studies, Concordia University;
ICOGRADA; Department of Communication Studies, Concordia
University; Department of Design & Computation Arts, Concordia

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Margaret Calvert on British Road Signs

Offbeat interview with Margaret Calvert who, in 1957, designed much of the roadsign system presently in use in Britain. Via boy-racer TV show Top Gear, of all things. (Thanks Kale!)

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Signs (in six parts) - fascinating article in Slate magazine

From March 1-11, Slate magazine writer Julia Turner brings us a fascinating six-part article on signs.

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Guaranteed Milk Bottle revealed

Work has finally finished on the restoration of Montréal’s landmark Guaranteed Milk Bottle. Sweet!

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Memory Lane

Councillor Mike Cohen with old CSL street sign (2009-10-09)

From one of Montréal’s neighbourhoods comes a resourceful way to ‘recycle’ old street signs.

Image: ‘Councillor Mike Cohen with old CSL street sign.’ (c) 2009 Ville de Côte Saint-Luc.

Thanks to Lynn for the tip!

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